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Gamereplay online video game rental

Special offerfree 5 or 10 days
Number of titles2,700
Delivery time1 to 4 days 3 ships from east coast

Game system

  • Sony PSP
  • PS2
  • Xbox
  • Gamecube
  • GameboyAdvance
  • Nintendo DS

Video game rental plans

  • 1 video game plan - $13.99
  • 2 video game plan - $18.99


GameReplay rents games for Sony PSP, Gamecube, xbox, Sony playstation 2, Nintendo Game boy advance, and Nintendo DS and has 2 different price plans for online video game rental. You can rent 1 or 2 games online by mail with Gamereplay. While there is not a free trial, GameReplay is offering a new special, just sign up for 3 months and get 10 days free or 2 months and get 5 days free. Gamereplay plans to offer PS3 and Xbox 360 games when they become available.

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