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Intelliflix online dvd and video game rental

Intelliflix online dvd and video game rentalSpecial offernone
Intelliflix online dvd and video game rental titlesNumber of titles60,000
Intelliflix delivery timeDelivery time1 to 3 days

Dvd rental plans

Unlimited monthly rental plans

  • 3 dvd movies - $16.95
  • 3 dvd movie or video game rentals - $24.95


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Intelliflix started in 2004 as Dvd Barn. Intelliflix has recently made claims to have more dvd rental shipping centers and faster delivery time than Netflix. The dvd and video game rental company claims to be the fastest growing online dvd rental service in 2005 and offers a uniuqe drag and drop feature to add movies to your dvd rental list, simplifying the selection proccess. Intelliflix also offers video games for rent online for Sony Playstation 2, Sony PSP, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, and Xbox 360 however a premium subscription is required to rent video games.

The company also offers annual membership plans for as low as $8.25 per month

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